The Pageant Success Blue Print E Book

The Pageant Success Blueprint E Book is now available for only $39.95.   The E Book will get you started and help prepare you for your first pageant competition or even boost your level of competition. Knowledge and preparation are the key to achieving excellence in the pageant industry. So let me assist you in Your Pageant Quest for the Crown!

Click on the E Book to get started. I will email you the link to download. remember to save the link in a File for future use.

Wanted to share My Pageant Countdown with you. Enjoy the free gift!!!! Good luck to all the ladies competing for  upcoming  Pageant Systems. CLICK on the Dancing Queen Below





4 thoughts on “The Pageant Success Blue Print E Book

  1. First I’d like to say that I’ve purchased your kit and loving it. It’s extremely helpful, thank you! However, I’m still a little confused on what actions I should take to legalize my pageant company. I want to make sure I complete all that is needed to make my pageants legit. Do you have any other advice on the business side of the pageantry industry?

    • First thing is this name your pageant company. This is the name of your pageant business. My company is Shellys Pageant Express Inc. I produce my pageant events under this umbrella. Determine whether you will inc. Or LLC. It. Each pageant name should be registered as a Trade Name with the secretary. of states office in your state. Best wishes to you may pageant friend.

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  3. Hi Shelly, I am the CEO of Miss Gulf Coast Jewel Pageant 2018. After perusing your site, I thought that you may know and/or be able to refer some Contestants ages 2-12. This is our first Pageant 4/14/18. Please peruse our site: We still have Registration Sponsorships available (full/partial). This would be a good venue for pageant goers to sharpen their skills and win! Looking forward to your prompt and favorable response.

    Ready to Crown,
    Rev. J>L> Crockett

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