Do You Dream of directing Your own Pageant?

My name is Shelly Winters Black and I have been involved in the Pageant Industry for over twenty years… 19 of those years as successful Pageant Director. Just think how much easier it would be if I was standing next to you giving you professional and competent advice as you made each crucial decision. How much less stress would you have knowing you are taking the right steps…

What if I gave you examples of all the important files, documents, letters, and contracts, that I, and other successful directors, use to plan and produce stunningly entertaining pageants. And what if I packaged it all together in a way that made your life easier as you focused on what really matters… a Wonderful and Beautiful experience for the contestants and audience.

Well that is exactly what I have done for you with The Complete Pageant Director’s Kit

“The Complete Pageant Director’s Kit”

I’ve jammed this kit with everything I could possibly think of to help you get a quick start on your first pageant. There is so much stuff here that even experienced pageant directors can find brand new promotional and marketing ideas here.

I’ve broken the information and materials into these categories:

*Auditor & Judges Sheets and information

*Contestant entry Forms

*Contestant Information Package

*Director’s Information

*Promotion and Marketing

*and Various hard to categorized items

Even if you never worked behind the scenes at a beauty contest or participated as a contestant… you could still pull off a great and entertaining show using the materials in this KIT!

The Fashion Hero

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