Earning Extra Income with Children Pageants


Earning Extra Income with Children Pageants


Running a Beauty Pageant is about more than glamour. It is also about being financially successful. The business goal is to walk away from the event with more money than you spent.


There are many different ways to monetize your Beauty Pageant. One way is to add extra awards.

For Children Pageants I like to add Overall Most Beautiful and Overall Fashion competition


When the parents register their children they can choose to pay for a slot in the Overall Most Beautiful category. Only the kids registered in this award category will be eligible for the award.


This award has no bearing on who becomes King or Queen. Giving these extra awards helps spread awards to other kids.


The kids registered for the award all go on stage at the same time. The children hold paddles with a number printed on it. The judges use the number to score on their sheets. The judges select who they think fit the Overall Most Beautiful ideal. The Overall Fashion award will go the one with best outfit.


It is important to have all the contestants on the stage at the same time for the judges to compare and select.  If your pageant is very large and you have more than thirty kids on stage it can be a problem because of the stage size. Also the judge’s job can be very hard with that many contestants on stage at once.


When my pageants grow too big to offer this award I drop it from the pageant. You are already making good money because of the large registration.


But if you are just starting out and you have a smaller group of children in your pageant then these awards are a great way to earn extra income at your Children’s Pageant.


Yours in Pageantry