The Fashion Hero

The Fashion Hero.

The fashion Hero TV Show is scheduled to launch it’s web site on November 14th, 2013. We are searching for both men and women ages 18 to 40 yrs of age all shapes and sizes  looking to launch a career in the fashion Industry. We are changing the way the world looks at and judges Beauty.


To Pageant Directors,

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Dear Potential Pageant Partner,

I am working as a state promoter for the states of Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee for The Fashion Hero TV Show that will premier in November 2014 on National television. We will be promoting the TV Show and web site through actual events as well as social media. I am writing to see if you would like Your Pageant featured on the National Website under the Up Coming Events section where so many folks will have Your Pageant location and Date as an upcoming Fashion Hero Casting Event. No cost to you.

I would mail you a Fashion Hero Poster and fliers that would be placed on your registration table where the people that come and pick one up. You have the opportunity to hand out your pageant fliers at the same time and build your pageant clientele! That’s it.

The website will generate a lot of people that are interested in fashion as well as the pageant industry. This is so exciting for all of us! The Fashion Hero is searching for both men and women ages 18 to 40 years of all, all sizes and shapes to represent the giants in the Fashion World. I am attaching The Fashion Hero official website as well as their Social Media links for you to view and see the professionalism of this concept that is sweeping the Fashion and Beauty Industry. Here is the info I need to submit to the national Web site.


Please e-mail me the Name of Event —-Event Venue Name—Date and Time–Street Location—Price of Tickets…Event Logo and description of event

Official Web site.


Thanks a Million

Shelly Winters Black

Director for the States of Alabama, Kentucky & Tennessee for the Fashion Hero

Director/CEO of Shelly’s Pageant Express Inc.    Office # 504-400-8958


The Fashion Hero

TV Show

The Fashion Hero TV show will present the finale of a unique modeling competition that steps way out of the box to discover male and female models who don’t fit the supermodel mold, but can connect with consumers in every corner of the globe.

Web Portal

The Fashion Hero web portal will connect aspiring models with consumers around the world through our sponsoring brands. They’ll talk about new trends, offer tips, advice, and share experiences everyone can relate to.



Self-esteem Program

The Fashion Hero is a global promotion offering everyone a chance to make their dreams come true by changing the rules of today’s modeling industry. And it all starts with a strong self-esteem program that promotes beauty from the inside out, regardless of body shape, skin color, height, weight…