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One question I recieved recently was from a girl who was concerned about how much it cost after you win a beauty pageant and then move up the competition ladder. In most systems when you win a title that is a preliminary pageant for a bigger pageant the entry fees are covered. For example the winner of the Miss New Orleans beauty contests qualifies to have her fees paid for the Miss Louisiana. the winner of the Louisiana then gets her entry fee paid for the USA title as the representative of the Miss Louisiana title. The biggest costs you will incur during your rise to the top is probably in the area of wardrobe. In particular the cost of an excellent evening gown. You really need a top notch dress that perfectly highlights your strong points. I know one girl whose dress costs her several thousand dollars, and she is glad she did after winning the title. Sometimes winning a pageant entitles the title holder to additional prizes. Occassionally these prizes can include coupons, discounts, or outright price coverage at a dress shop. Check with the director of the pageant you are entering to find out what additional bonus prizes you are entitled to as the winner. Another expense to consider is travelling. Sometimes airfare comes with your winners prize pak, but not always. Also consider fuel cost if you drive to the event. Even if you do fly you may have car rental expenses. Most major pageants include many discounts for their contestants. The  that can save you money.director usually negotiates great rates with hotels. Another expense is for a really good photographer. You may need to update your headshot because you are moving to the next level up and your competition will certainly use all the tools available to them. A fantastic and professionally prepared headshot tells the directorand judges that you are a champion. There will probably other extra expenses that you will incur but these are the larger ones. Good luck in your endevors to capture the crown. See You on the Runway Shelly

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Program Books for Your Pageant. Shelly Has added a copy of one of her program books for her pageants to give you some ideas.

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