Advice from a former Beauty Queen

Hello, my name is Amanda Piglia. I have competed in pageants for a few years and have recently learned something that I want to share with you. I know that looks seem like the most important thing in the world but they are not. Beauty actually comes from within. Beauty has to do with who you are as a person–your personality, your character, your morals, and your intelligence. It is important to figure out who you are and never lose sight of yourself. Don’t put all of your focus on your external beauty because one day your looks will fade but your internal beauty will not. My advice to you is to find out what drives you, set goals, and don’t stop until you achieve your goals. No matter what, be YOU because the real YOU is beautiful.

Miss Metairie 2009
Miss Louisiana State 2010

11th Annual Miss South Louisiana Pageant

March 18th the pageant will take place at the K.C. hall in Kaplan, Louisiana. Vermilion Parish is located in the heart of South Louisiana. Open state wide to contestants beginning with babies to married ladies. Natural beauty for children and dress attire is Easter dress.

Formal dress for 12 yrs to our oldest of the ladies, all winners get a free entry to the 17th annual Miss Louisiana State pageant and Talent Expo in August 2017 in Metairie, louisisna. Directed by Shelly Winters. To become a contestant or sponsor, visit us on line or call 337 281 1267