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Dear Pageant Director

Did you know that you can promote a state competition, national pageant, or modeling convention for as little as $155.00 per quarter in your industry leading Pageantry? Did you know the average state and national event has been featured in the Pageantry display and classified sections for over 8 years? That’s right! You can actually put Shelly?Äôs Pageant Express in front of the talented young women you want to connect with… easily. Just tell us at Pageantry the best way promote Shellys Pageant Express for you. Remember, we were founding members of the Glamour Lifestyle Industry in 1962 and, unlike any other program in the Glamour Lifestyle Industry, truly understand what you need to help promote your event successfully. Been there… Done that. And yes, we all use various social media platforms but plain and simple, LIKES have never equalled contestants.

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