Queens, Your Community Needs YOU! Get Moving making appearances

The holiday season is full of lots of fun events, which makes it the perfect time to schedule appearances promoting your title and personal platform!

There are many organizations that are looking for extra volunteers now and some of them would be happy to have you represent your title for their community service activity.  And remember: appearances don’t always have to be limited to the topic of your personal platform.  Use appearances related to a different topic to promote your title and the pageant you’re competing in, as well as position yourself as an ambassador for the many personal benefits of pageant competition.

Carla Smith, the reigning  Ms. Classic South Louisiana, had a super busy schedule with her family and hectic schedule as a elementary school teacher. She used her time management skills to carve out time to promote her personal platform making appearances and raising money for St. Jude Childrens Hospital. Raising money through out the year as well as visiting the children in the hospitals.

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for you to make a difference with the visibility of the CROWN and BANNER,


Miss south Louisiana 2015 Pageant

Miss south Louisiana 2015 Pageant


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